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Re: Redsnake\'s INSANE viper

OK my 2 cents....

When the SC was introduced there wasnt really anything to compare it too. Everyone commented on how it was versus a stock car. Now the TT is out and the SC is a natural reference point. How else can people explain what the TT is like without comparing it to the only other option out there? I understand that some if it is subjective, but objective things like the TT being quieter are natural comparisons. In Erics case he had an SC before his TT so its easy for him to say my car is now XXX compared to before.

I dont think anyone is slamming the SC cars. No need to get defensive. Maybe the SC guiys paid more than the TT guys, I dont know, but hey you had boost years ago.
1 - 2 of 47 Posts
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