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Does anybody know if the red momba srt-10 will be an 05 or an 04 , and save the Honda jokes for another post , because the car rocks.
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It has the power to back it up, so as long as they dont put spinners on it more power to them.
ewww I don't like the red wheels.
mrob said:
ewww I don't like the red wheels.
I'm thinkin' the whole car looks like some kind of Nike shoe... SRT Air Jordan.
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VIPERn94FIVE0 said:
Craig201MPH said:
yeah to commemorate 50 years of corvette as well as the C5-R effort. Are these special SRT-10's to commemorate 2 years of continued ugliness and blandness?
sometimes i wonder if you just wont let yourself like the car....i saw Viper D's(from the morg) white Mamba in person the other day and there is NOTHING bland, ugly, boring, or ricey about that car....

You think I'm holding back liking the car? :rofl: Yeah OK. The thing is a fucking joke. They should just call it the windbreaker edition.
I agree that they should have stopped with the white Mamba. But it surely isn't bland, or I wouldn't have bought it.
I think that is the interior package that all of the red vipers should have come with. As far as the mamba deal, it should have stayed with the white only. Now with white, black, and red what is so special about them anymore. Somebody said how bad are sales, bad, we can't give away a red '04 at invoice and now we have a black mamba on the way. I hope it moves fast or my sales manager is going to have a cow.
Dodge shoulda done the coupe first. Idiots.

Those wheels are fucking ugly too.
So how do people feel that bought the WHITE mamba ? It was all hyped up as a special edition, now every freaking color has a mamba version. Doesnt seem so special any more. lol, it was funny hearing how rare they were going to be, a real collectors item, only to double their numbers (now there are at least 400 mambas).

Oh well, dodge is geting like ford now, promising limited availability, and once supply is gone (which in this case it really wasnt), they make another 200 in hope of getting the "rest" of the market that wanted a mamba, there buy killing the resale value of the previous version.

Oh well, here comes yellow.... I would bet, and its not going to be all that exclusive either, as Dodge will make it the next year too, in hopes of keeping sales up.

Lets face it, Vipers are being produced too much. Carole Shelby said it in the beginning, that Dodge was going to over produce this car. Looks like he was right.

it's zee germans fault. The Germans are great at making sensible yet boring cars. So I guess that would make the SRT a success. Oh wait, it's not selling. By the end of summer 03 SRT's are going to be 65K easily. That is PATHETIC! The cars are not holding their value at all. The "white mamba" is the most boring of the boring and really isn't that special. It's production numbers accound for at least 25% of annual production. That's not limited. how many times do I have to say it?
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