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Rear tire size for 2000 GTS on HRE rims HELP! TY :-)

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would like to know if anyone has 355/30ZR18's on the back of their Viper. This has 335ZR30/18 on it now on HRE rims, and the rims are a bit wider than stock, and want to see if I can put 355's on there next time I replace them. You can private message me please or post, and thank you in advance!
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The stock tire size is 335/30ZR18...You can also get a YR...

Where are you getting a 355 wide tire??? Michelin only makes up to a 345...
Well maybe I will get the 345 if I have to, but what is the widest tire anyone has put under thier Viper without rubbing? also, my personal experience with the P-Zero is extensive and I LOVE THEM-I used them on my old Vette and 5.0 Mustang GT! TY in advance! Gary /images/graemlins/yay.gif
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Gary, where is Merchantville at ?

Merchantville is outside of Philadelphia in New Jersey. It is also located between Cherry Hill, NJ and Pennsauken, NJ. it is a wee little town of .8 square miles, but I like it a lot ;-)
well folks, I called about everyone made, and the oly size is 345/30R18 and that is shaved from the Tire Rack to 6/32" which will suck for street use as the life is cut in half from the word go. I want someone to build a wider tire for our Vipers in the 345/30R18 or 355/30R18 zone so I can get little better bite! Has anyone put on a set of the 345/30R18 on their snake yet? Any rubbing?
I've got 345s on a 19" rim and no problems. I'd go 355s if Michelin made one.
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