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Rear Speakers in GTS

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Could someone please tell me what size speakers (aftermarket) will work in the back speakers (GTS)? I heard 6.5" and 6"? What about mounting depth?

I would like to install Rockfordfosgate HPC2206 with 5.7" cutout and 2.6" mounting depth.

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sbkim, contact me, ViperGTS! Munich! Oktoberfest!

Cool! I can't access Viper Club org from work so I couldn't reply. I will send you PM.
I threw a couple of old midbass drivers I had in the attick in the rear. Depth wont be a problem.
my electronics guru(lol) told me they were 6" but a set of 6 1/2" would fit no problem.
I put in 6.5" with no problems. In the overall sound quality of the vehicle it doens't make much of a difference either way. If I were to do it over again I would have just left them stock and concentrated on the door speakers. Since it's not in the line of sight of the passengers none of the high frequencies get through and since it doesn't go down that low very little of the low freqencies get through. After i added my Bazooka I don't hear the 6.5" at all.
check out mine , lost the spare.
GTSnake - you bring up a very good point. I don't like lot of sound coming from the rear. In fact, I just want slight "fill" but nothing else. May be I will keep it stock and should the speakers blow, I will get a better replacement.

BTW, does anyone know how much power these stock rear's can take?

Viper Spray - that's a sweet setup. I wish I had the money to do that. I am doing poor man's setup...
sbkim said:
In fact, I just want slight "fill" but nothing else.
Then you're better off not changing it. Because "fill" is mostly low frequencies which you are better off getting a subwoofer. Your high's will entirely come from the door tweeters.

Spray, that is really sweet. I'm doing something like that on mine but I can't spare the spare :rolleyes:
GTSnake - then again, I don't want to blow up the stock speakers with my new amp. I will be getting a separate 10" sub. Do you guys think adding an aftermarket 6.5" coaxial would be complete waste... I don't see how you can even hear the highs from the back.
If you blow up your 6.5 rears then just take them out. After you put in your 10" sub see if you can hear any difference without the 6.5". If not then just leave them out. When I fade mine out I can barely notice any difference. Maybe in the 1k - 10k range the spl is slightly lower but nothing that the front speakers won't make up for.
Well, I decided to just get the 6.5 coaxials. I don't want any distortion in the back if I turn up the volume.
Viper Spray, can you see out of your rearview mirror ok?
So a random bump. I replaced my rear speakers with these Infinity Reference X REF-6502ix 6-1/2" 2-ways and they bolt right in and sound good with the factory head unit and sub. $75 on amazon

[ame=""] Infinity Reference X REF-6502ix 6-1/2" 2-way car speakers: Electronics[/ame]

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Do you notice any upper range coming from them? I went with separates and just left the tweeters out in the rear.
Do you notice any upper range coming from them? I went with separates and just left the tweeters out in the rear.
Really no high range, I tried adjusting the bass and treble to be optimized and found that fading towards the rear a bit helped with the overall sound quality.

When I got the car the rear speakers were totally gone, so this is a huge improvement for me. Plus these speakers are 3 ohms so they respond with a little more efficiency then the standard 4 ohm set up.
I'm eliminating mine all together... Little audio system build...

3 way Morel components up front with an additional 6.5 in the door. 2 JL Audio 8w7's in back. Three McIntosh amps, full active soundstage... Yea it's a bit overboard...
I thought about deleting mine too. I wouldn't put anything back at all, try to keep the hot rod on a diet. My vette only has door speakers, best music comes from the tail pipes. :)
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