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radiators / oil cooler

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Is the same radiator and oil cooler used on all years of Vipers? Same size and shape?
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Oil coolers - yes. Radiators have had some minor running changes, but are essentially the same.

I found that in a friend's '96 GTS (which was built 1 week and 16 serial numbers apart from mine) the radiator had different studs for attaching the fan shroud. /images/graemlins/freak3.gif
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Get yourself a newer fan shroud and an aftermarket radiator. Ron Davis makes a direct replacement. Fluidyne requires modification of the airbox and protrudes out closer to the engine block.
If you replaced the radiator such as SmokinV10 suggests with an aftermarket one, I would assume the little oil cooler radiator stays, right?
you can get A Ron Davis Radiator with an integral oil cooler. But for the most part yes, you can keep the one up front. Mine has been relocated.
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