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Radiator upgrade

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Is anyone interested in a direct-replacment aluminum radiator (NEW!!) for under 600$? I'm trying to get a good discount....

These will out-perform the fluidyne units too....

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$600 is roughly 200-300 less than any of the other ones. As long as the fan bolts up and its a direct replacement with no mods (airbox mods too) im sure it will be a hot seller.
These are direct fit, cross flow design. Support 600+ cubes and 1000+ hp I'm going to get one and try to mount a duel 2100cfm fans on it to see what kind of temps I pull.

what company radiator is it? i was looking into a davis one. may be interested if it is as good as a davis or fluidyne.
Just felt like bumping an 11 year old thread from a suspended member..LOl...Bored..
Go back to being bored k?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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