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Racing Solutions Viper RSI700

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Article in Car and Driver June 2004 about RSI SRT 700 S/C Viper. Good article and at a very good price. The article says that traction was hard to find with all the HP. :bowdown: :bowdown:

"Here was our first thought after planting the right pedal in Racing Solutions 690-HP modified Dodge Viper, Yoweee!"

opposite page is an article about the Comp Coup saying it is the next best thing to being airborne.

Congrats to RSI for building another smile on another satisfied customers face. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
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Re: Racing Solutions Viper RSI7000

1TONY1 said:
I would be satisfied with 7000 hp......if it was rwhp /images/graemlins/laughing.gif
7000 HP / 700 HP / 690 HP or 600 HP or whatever...

Pretty funny post title considering the fact that the car doesn't make the claimed power. At first read you notice that the RSI700 doesn't quite make 700 HP, then with a little more reading you see that Car&Driver didn't even think it made the advertised 690 HP.

Rohn, I guess since the RSI700 didn't make the advertised power you might as well claim something bigger. Yea 7,000 HP that's the ticket.
jkracer said:
yea John, what ever and you know for a FACT that it does not make the power?
Going by what the C&D article stated, the RSI car seemed short on power. It states that the RSI claim is 690 HP. At a minimum they state that the car does not make the power a reasonable person would assume given the name of the package - RSI700.
jkracer said:
John M. when did you down grade your car from the 650R to the 600 or was that a mistake in your post. The one where you talk about your upcoming mag. article where your car the 650R will do a 10.76 at 132 on real street tires, great numbers, congrats.
My car is currently badged as a Venom 650R. That is a small (~522 inches or so) stroker motor package that made 585-590 rwhp on a couple of different dynos. That package ran the 10.76 sec quarter mile on the stock tires for the MotorTrend Dec 2003 article.

A few months earlier, before the stroker motor, the car was badged as a Venom 600R. That was a heads/cam/intake/exhaust/high flow cats, etc... package that Car&Driver tested and reported on in the October 2003 issue. That package made ~550 rwhp as Hennessey mentioned above. That is the package that the current C&D article mentions when they compare the RSI700 Viper performance to the Hennessey Venom 600R performance.
jkracer said:
Typically JHM crap, nothing good to say unless it is inflating his own bird , ego.
Rohn, Do you think that was the same bird that shit all over my car?
jkracer said:
what ever you say
I noticed that you changed yours from a 650R to a Ven 600, you adjusted yours down?, why are you that reasonable person.
Sorry for the confusion Rohn. It was adjusted up not down. It was changed from a Venom 600R to a Venom 650R after the stroker motor. I think the original plan was to badge the car as a Venom 700R, but unfortunately it fell slightly short of making 700 HP and thus the explaination for the current naming.

This whole post has been hijacked to shit...
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