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racing harness

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Do all you racers have racing harnesses in your cars? I find I need to brace myself (leg against door, etc.), gets tiring. Are you using Teamtech 6-point? Are you doing passenger side also (for instructor)? Looks like a time consuming install. Thanks for your thoughts.

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Yes we all use 5 or 6 point belts, its much easier to drive and much safer. It's about a 4 hour job with the toughest thing being cutting into your rear bulkhead. If you're gonna do this get the 10 page instruction sheet from Janni, it includes the template you'll need to cut into the bulkhead. ALWAYS do the passanger side also.

The install is pretty easy. I can do both sides in about 3 hours. Not that I'm great or anything, just that it isn't too difficult. SoCal is right about cutting the bulkhead being the most difficult/nerve racking part. The TeamTechs are the best available and in my opinion, why skimp on safety?

my .02,

Thanks guys. That's on my winter to-do list then. It sounds like the template will help me feel more comfortable about cutting into the car. Is there a general preference between the 5 or 6 point?

Definitely do both sides. Often an instructor won't ride with you if you have a harness and they don't, and rightly so. Janni Cone's instructions are great, and if you play around with Adobe Acrobat a little, you can get the templates to print a 1:1 scale which makes things a lot easier.

Most people arrange the installation to retain the stock belts, but I just removed them and use the 6-points full-time. Once you're used to them, they only take a few seconds more to click together... and after you get used to them, NO regular three-pointer seatbelt feels safe. /images/graemlins/smile.gif

One lap will convince you, it's one of the best investments you can make in a car you track.
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Personally I prefer 5 points, especially if you're considering a race seat in the future.

Just a couple more data points...

I have a Sparco pro2000 race seat with TeamTech 5pts. I can swap the seat out with the stock seat very easily.

Keep the 3pt factory belts, racing belts are not legal on the street and if a cop is so inclined, he will ticket you for no seatbelt if you're only using your race belts.
Thanks for the legal heads-up Mark. I'll retain the stock belts and go with 5 points.
Mark Young said:
Keep the 3pt factory belts, racing belts are not legal on the street and if a cop is so inclined, he will ticket you for no seatbelt if you're only using your race belts.
True, but after doing a lot of asking & searching (both on the morgue and on other forums), I've never been able to find anyone who has actually been cited for this.

I agree with SoCal, I'd go with 5 points if I could do it over again. I was worried about The Jewels, but after riding in some cars with fives, they're a lot more comfortable, and they afford a bit more room if you decide to keep your stock belts. When mine hit their expiration date, I'm switching to 5-pointers.
I don't care for TeamTech. Too many damn straps. I have Simpson 5-point.
I'm a real skinny guy, so for me, the teamtechs are nice because of the breastbone strap. I think if I was in a wreck in normal belts they might snap my chest, or I could slide through, or who knows what. But I agree that, in general, the TTs are a lot of straps.
Where's a good place to get Simpson's.
I bought mine directly from Simpson.
I've heard that ViperDays instructors won't even ride in your car if they don't get the same safety items that the drivers get. Makes sense to me! I wouldn't do it either.
I have 5 points and still have to brace myself in the cockpit. I've been seriously considering a racing seat as my next HP mod. All the suspension work I've done is really working me over in the stock seat.
Dean, add the seat. Its the best $500 you'll ever spend. I can swap my stock seat and Sparco in 5 minutes.
Are the harnesses sold by Snakeoyl any good? My Mother-in-law is buying harnesses for me for Christmas... and I am not sure where to send her?

I've heard the snake oyl ones are on the cheesy side, specifically that the "logo" is just a sticker and it comes off. YMMV. With something as important as harnesses, I'd go with a namebrand (though I'm sure SO's are re-branded). Also, go with a company that will re-web them for you when they expire.
Actually the Snake-Oyl Harnesses are pretty darn good. They are FIA certified and Cory is pretty good about keeping them in date -- this is key with any harness. I have had both the Team Techs and the Snake -Oyls and though I like both, I preferred the Snake Oyls. I could never get the TeamTechs to not chafe my neck, but this may have been due to the use of the stock seat. I agree with Mark that a seat is a big help, but if you stay with the stock one, the Snake Oyls are easier to adjust for comfort. If you get a Sparco seat, go with the TeamTechs, as their brace in the sternum area is a very common sense safety item. You want to always get the wide belts ( stay away from 2 inch like the plague ) in whatever brand you get. Good luck and you will see a noticeable drop in your time when you get them installed.
Yet another point...

If you are considering a HANS, which I am going to go with whenever I find enough time to get back into racing, there is a consideration on belts. See the hans website. Specifically, a sternum strap such as the TeamTechs is a no-no I believe (though I love it), and they also recommend a certain width of belt, though it does work with any width.
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