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R.I.P. Cutter

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Well my worst nightmare just came true, at 3:50 PST today I had to put Cutter to sleep, to say I am devastated would be an understatement I literally cried like a baby and if I thought there was any decent chance to save him, I would of done it in a heartbeat. Cutter always so healthy and strong his whole life was ravaged by Cancer and internal bleeding.

Just yesterday he was running around at dogpark, took him this morning, he looked a little off but when we got there all he did was lay down, he never lays down at dogpark. I took him to my local vet and after a series of tests he told me Cutter was bleeding internally showed me the syringe of blood taken from his abdomen and told me he has Cancer also and he needed a specialist.

Took him to the best specialist in the state Animal Specialty Group and they confirmed he was internally bleeding and was riddled with Cancer which I never picked up on, here on day gone the next, it was that fast.
They said they could try a $10K surgery, the money not a problem but they said it would be a 66% chance of recovery and of that 66% chance of relapse.

When they brought him in to see me he was panting like crazy, he was literally blowing up from the inside out. As much as I wanted to save him I could see the pain he was in and wouldn't make it through the night, it was at that point I decided to do the humane thing to my almost 9 year old companion, goodbye Cutter over the Rainbow bridge you go dear friend, I'll really miss you.
Cherish what you have everyday you'll never know when they'll be gone.

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Ron, if you think about it, what a way to (doggie) life to the fullest up to the very end. It's a much more fitting way to leave this world than to go through months of suffering. He had fun right to the very end...just the way I'm sure many of us want to go when it's time.

Remember the past, enjoy the present. Love the new doggie.


Thank you everybody for your well wishes, still in a little bit of shock, hoping to snap out of it by tomorrow. The thing that gets to me is not a week ago he was chasing down dogs half his age and tackling them, he had a lot of life in him didn't show any symptoms of anything being wrong until Sunday morning. My sister drove me to the specialist because I was a mess, she had to put down he German Shepherd Rugby 2 weeks earlier, but with him they knew it was coming.

With all due respect to Mark I'm gonna look for a male German Shepherd puppy, my 4 year old female Golden Retriever is looking for Cutter, I have to get her a companion.

So sorry to hear, Ron.

RIP Cutter.

Cutter was the VA Mascot.

I wish I had the chance to meet him.

Sorry Brother.
Cutter was the VA Mascot.

I wish I had the chance to meet him.

Sorry Brother.
Agreed 100%
So VERY SAD to hear this Ron can't believe this can happen so quick. We have 7 English Bulldogs at our house and have had to do this twice. It NEVER gets easy. Dogs are family and that is the way responsible dogs owners treat them. Cutter was a happy boy with his best buddy---YOU.

RIP Cutter, look up Spike when you get to the bridge, he would love to play with you.
Tough decision for certain, by the way you described everything it sounds as if he had it pretty bad and were left with no choice. We'll cross that bridge one day with our dog and I certainly do not look forward to that decision.

RIP Cutter!
Just found this thread as I haven't been on the alley much lately. So sorry to read the news, Ron. Cutter was truly the VA mascot here.

RIP Cutter
Very sorry for your loss Ron.

I hope 'Cutter' will find my 'Dallas' up there to play with.


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Cutter, Rebel and Ron are togther.
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