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Pump Gas Drags, We need Vipers Represented

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Hot Rod Magazine is hosting the Pump Gas Drags, April 31, and May 1, 2004 in Memphis, TN. Do we have any SC or TT cars that could represent the Viper community in the neighborhood?

The cars must run on 93 octane pump gas and must meet NHRA safety requirements. That means you must have a cage if your running 11.99 or faster.

It would be great to see a Heffner, Hennessey, and/or DLM car make an appearance. Check out the complete rules at

Pump Gas Drags
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I was thinking about submitting my application. It's going to be tough for a Viper. Anything goes including tire size so the will be some tubbed cars.
where Can I sign up????
Myself and Lee Saunders are signed up. Should be fun (IF WE GET CHOSEN TO PARTICIPATE) although a few 8 second cars are expected to attend. Take a look at the rules, they are not very Viper friendly in the weight and cubic inch sections.

..........Roof, come on down, its my turn to buy!

I know of at least 2 7 second cars that have submitted registrations as well. One of them is a bad ass street driven twin turbo Dodge Charger. Remember that the magazine staff is picking the contestants, so it is not necessarily going to be the quickest cars, but those that best represent true pump gas street cars, that are chosen.

Here is the Charger:


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Dr Roof said:
where Can I sign up????

Follow the link on my original post. I believe on page 3 or 4 you can sign up for the contest.
I put in an application, see what happens.
i printed out my app today. problem is the damn rollcage, i dont mind a five point but anything more is a pain in the ass
The NHRA cage rule will stop a lot of cars from attending this event. IHRA is king in my book....much more leanient rules.
The NHRA cage rule will stop a lot of cars from attending this event. IHRA is king in my book....much more leanient rules.
I really don't think it would make a big difference. IHRA rules would mandate that a cage be installed if the car is running 11.50 or quicker, so there isn't that big of a gap. The rest of the rules between the 2 orgaqnizations are fairly similar, the cage is the only major difference.

I talked to David Freiburger a couple weeks ago, and it sounded like there weren't going to be many, if any, 11 second cars to make the cut. They already have a lot of quick entries, so it will probably take at least a low 11-high 10 second time to be picked
I could do it, but no roll cage. Not sure what it would run on street drags yet. Any suggestions?
yep, i agree. the cage rules will stop many "fine streetmachines". oh well, that leaves more spots for the POS buckets usually sen at the strips /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif hell, i mean who wouldnt want to see a semi-primered vega wheelstander that leaves an oilspot at every traffic light, fenders flapping to the beat of the wind and concomitantly blaring lynard skynard saturdaynight special song with some summerteeth mullet nut driving it as opposed to a outrageous clean and mean ass viper spitting out a good 10 second run
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