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Product Reviews section upgraded!

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To the latest BETA of ReviewPost. Please let me know if you notice any problems.
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I've been customizing the Review section to include Vendor Reviews with multiple ratings for vendors on Customer Service, Price and Overall Rating.

In addition, I've added the following features:

- Vendor pages are linked to products which have been reviewed (section under description lists reviewed products)
- Product pages are linked to the vendor review page (title is linked)
- When uploading, you have a choice of picking from the list of available vendors or creating a new vendor. Creating a new vendor automatically creates a "vendor review" for that vendor. (There is some manual work needed here as I'll have to move the vendor into the right category; but working on a better way of doing this).

So, now when using the reviews section, the vendors and their products will be tied together. If you are viewing a vendors product and want to see how the vendor rates, that information is a click away. Same as if you want to see how a vendors products rates, the list of all reviewed products are right there on their page!

For an example, click on the MGW Precision review and check out the Products Reviewed section:

Then clic on one of the products and you'll see the link back to the MGW Precision Vendor Review page in the title.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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