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I am always looking forward to my next track event!

Actually, I'm trying to get potential entrants enthused about the October event at the Indy road course. If not that, then getting ANY of our current Viper owners to a track and have some fun!
I wish I lived closer to you out there as I'd be hitting those tracks frequently. Here I'm limited but go to Limerock but go routinely. Was just there two weeks ago and the weather cooperated this year. It was a blast. Sadly, I was only one of 4 Viper in attendance at NASA's event. We used to have dozens of Vipers attend over the years but they're scarce around here. NJMP, Pocono and VIR are great tracks as is Watkins Glen but a mess to get to with traffic around these parts. Probably going to Watkins in October. Next year I'm doing TT and will do the NASA NE circuit and see how it goes until I run out of money for tires.
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