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Are you are thinking about going to this rally?
We are going again this year.


Dates are June 5th to the 12th NY to LA.
Stops in NY, Chicago, KC, Denver, Aspen, Las Vegas, and the VIP party in LA.

What do you get on this Ultimate Road Rally?
Police escorts, Race track events, 5 star hotels,
Hot women, Hot cars, Great food, VIP parties.
Some of the cars going so far.
Ferrari Enzo,F40LM, 360, 550, 575, Aston Martin Vanquish, American Vector twin turbo, Saleen S7, Ford GT40, Mosler M800, Lamborghini Mercielago, Bentley coupe, Acura Nsx, and the General Lee with Tom Snyder (Bo Duke) Sorry Daisy couldn’t make it this year. But there will be lots of other women wearing nothing but their Daisy Dukes.

We are trying to get a few people together for a discounted group rate.

The entry fee is not for the weak, so the more people we get the cheaper for all of us.
Our deadline for the early group rate is March 20th. Email me for more details.

Shipping your car?
We have two different groups going,
The 1st group is from LA and has 3 cars going so far.
The 2nd group has 4 cars going so far.
We need 10 cars in each group to fill a covered transport truck.
We are hoping to get a rate of $900.00 per car one way, if the truck is full.
The truck will pickup or drop off your car, at your door.

If anyone here interested in going to this event, please email me at [email protected]
More pics from last year.

Fly'n Brian
From Canada.

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Here's a sneak peak of the Player's Run route.
Here's the short version :
Start will be in Manhattan on June 5th, from there we will go Cleveland ( overnight stay ), then via Indianapolis ( incl. track) to Chicago(overnight stop ). From Chicago the next day to Kansas City ( overnight stop ). After lapping Topeka the next morning we will make our way to Denver ( overnight stop ). The next day we will spend 7 hours driving Rocky Mountain Rollercoaster Passes ( including Rocky Mountain National Park ) and will end up in Aspen ( overnight stop ). After visiting the US's highest race track we will cruise to Vegas Baby ( overnight stop ). After one more track and special race cars we will end up with a very special party in Los Angeles on June 12th...or maybe the journey will go on ( last year's participants know what I mean ).
I hope I have everything right here ;O) This is a very exclusive rally, from the Hotels to the parties to the special events. Besides the racetracks we have so called 'special events' which we will not reveal until rally day. A clue : You will be on the ground, in the air and on the water.
The entry fee is $ 11,800 ( 1 car, 2 people ) and includes basically everything except gas...all hotels, meals, tracks, special events, parties and more. Entry is limited to 75 cars.

Our group rate is going to be alot less than anything that has been posted on the net.
Fly'n Brian.

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Quote from Markus at Players run.

So, what can Players expect?
I hear this question all the time, especially since we do not explain in any of our brochures or website what you can and will expect. Why not lay it all out on the site? Well, initially we did not want to give out anything, making the run a true mystery for the participants until rally day. No one had any idea that they were driving in Indy cars the first day, flying in Helicopters the second day, driving carts the third day, be on racetracks, have high speed police escorts, drive on ovals, party on Yachts and experience offshore speedboats. It takes a lot of guts though to trust a new rally producer without knowing what to expect, to take off a whole week and ship a car to the other side of the country. Close to 50 teams had what it takes and they got rewarded with a truly amazing week. We initially wanted to call the Playersrun something like “ The drive of your life”. With so many teams from last year returning I’m glad we skipped this tag line. We will still try to keep the coolest special events a secret from you, but we will release some more info this year. In fact we will promote these years’ stops heavily, so expect crowds at arrivals.

I want to give you one example of a day ( I will not release all events of the day though ) . Denver to Aspen :
Players will wake up in the Brown Palace Hotel after a very special evening party and police escort. After breakfast they will be escorted out of the City of Denver and will make their way to the Rocky Mountain National Park. They will climb from milehigh all the way to 12000 feet, drive roller coaster passes, 180 degrees banked turns ( many of them ) on their way to Leadville. From Leadville they will then conquer Independence pass towards Aspen, an unbelievable route. We will have 3 checkpoints that day ( Winter Park, Vail and Leadville ). After arrival they will check in the Hotel Jerome and relax for a bit before dinner will be served in one of Aspens most amazing private mansions. The famous and private Caribou Club will then open its doors for all Players to rock the Rockies. The next day after breakfast everyone will get escorted straight to the hot air ballo…..alright, that’s enough. Keep in mind that I have left out the special events on that day!

We have spent all year bringing the Players together for this years run. This mix of extraordinary and very special “active car connoisseurs” is truly amazing! One of our major goals for every Playersrun is the social aspect. By participating and studying other rallies we noticed that they were all missing one very important thing: Time for new friendships. Some rallies were just pure endurance, others so competitive that participants almost developed hate at each other; at some rallies we experienced groups inside groups and so on…that’s why we have 7 days and many events for opportunities to get to know each other, eliminated serious competition and enforced costumes, so everyone is embarrassed at least once. The rally is not about speeding, it’s not about being first…it’s the journey that counts, not the destination.

So, what can you expect this year?
- A professional team.
- Maximum 75 cars ( we are very selective with cars this year ) coming from US, UK,Europe and Asia…so far
- A full week ( 7 days ), 6 nights of Playersrun with a third less daily driving than other rallies.
- The best hotels on the way, no $ 200 rooms in this rally.
- Overnight stops in Cleveland, Chicago, Kansas, Denver, Aspen, Las Vegas.
- Special events ( expect to be in the air and on water )
- Racetracks
- Race cars
- Police Escorts
- Parties
- Cheers from every car the group passes ( Exotic cars and their owners are being adored in general, but you have no idea how much they get adored at something like this…Players need to be prepared to be Rock stars for a week )
- And more…;o)

And so everyone can show off to their kiddies they get a DVD, Picture album, copies of TV tapings and tons of gear..We will have a large film crew on board this year as well as journalists. We have one helicopter full time with us ( as well as a Lear and maybe some more copters, not for filming purposes though, they are just to lazy to drive ). Btw, for you Europeans, next months we have write-ups in Veronica Magazine/Netherlands, Evo Magazine/UK and MMM Magazine Germany…at least that’s the ones I know off right now. As you can imagine it gets crazier every day the closer we get to the rally day…and I can’t wait to waive the start flag!

Are you ready to go yet? E mail me for more info.
[email protected]
Fly'n Brian.
From Canada.
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