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Pix w/2001 Wheels

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Here are some pictures of my 1996 with the wheels I picked up from RedSnakeGTS!

I am very happy with the look of these wheels, and they are 18" so I can upgrade to the bigger brakes eventually!





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Looks good :thumb:

Those are my favorite of all the stock wheels. :nod:

sorta strange seeing my old wheels out in florida! looks sharp, glad i could help!
Looks awesome!! :thumb: :thumb:
Very nice mix of old and new.
That is really cool, nice job!
Snatch that kind of looks like the neighborhood your g/f lives in.....
Looks great!!! I never liked the original 3 spokes or the first generation 5 spokes.
i hate the 3 spokes! sgt, it does doesnt it?
I don't care for the 1st gen 3 spokes eather
Looking good with those 2001 wheels!
Lance, looks great! Funny how just a wheel change can totally update a car's look, isn't it? You immediately made it look a lot newer!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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