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Speed World Challenge Series saw Paul Mumford ( he had at least 25 groupies along for the ride ) take the win this past Sunday at Laguna Seca. We had two Snakeracers in the top ten until the last lap when Boris Said played Busch Grand National player and took out Mike McCann with a full bodied meal of meat - T-Boned him in the last corner. McCann settled for 7th and Boris grabbed his steak on 5th. Heh, so I am using beef analogies, I live in Nebraska after all. The key item , is two Viper Days that cut their teeth in Viper Days, are in the top ten in their second races. Paul is the new Wunderkind with a 3rd and 1st , and the podium appears to be his new home. Send him congrats at [email protected] and bombard his butt with good feelings for a terrific win. This was over the likes of Bill Auberlin, Hans Stuck, Randy Pobst, Boris Said, etc., so one of own will soon be well known.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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