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Hi Bill, regarding your suggestion on for VOI.8 - Colorado Springs is a great suggestion.

I spoke to Colo VCA pres Jim Roppo about that earlier this year. If JRT and the VCA look at what the Springs has to offer, they would see it would be an awesome location. Here are some Pros to that venue:

1. Some of the best driving roads in the world. I have spent a lot of time there and can name a dozen driving routes that are some of the most scenic and challenging drives in north america. I am sure others who live there can do the same. The last few VOI's did not have fun driving roads. The best VOI ever was #2 in Monterey whcih had the PCH and other great Cali Mt. roads.

2. Have it in Sept when the aspen leaves are changing. the colors and the mild temps would be nice as opposed to the last 2 voi's which were too dang hot.

3. Road race at Pikes Peak raceway in Fountain, 20 minutes south of Colo Springs.

4. Drag race at Puelo drag stri, 45-60 minutes away.

5. Have the big spenders stay at the Broadmoor, one of the finest spas in the world. Another great hotel is the Antlers Doubletree in downtown. You dont need to find one place that all 3000 people can stay at. 2-3 good hotels would work just fine.

6. Have the big dinners at the Air Force Academy. I am sure that the guys who put on the SRT vs. F16, duel in the desert, they probably know some AF generals who can make some good introductions to Academy folks. and with some of the bad pr the AF academy has gotten in the last year, they are probably looking for ways to look like the good guys they are.

7. its a fairly central location and closer to west coast folks who have had to go pretty far east the last 2 voi's. they are due for a shorter trip.

8. lots of good local viper owners who can help to put on a great event. roppo and his crew are the best of the best among viper owners in my opinion. use the locals to help out - that would be a huge help imho.

OK Bill, take some of these tidbits and run them up the viper flagpole over at and with the vca politicos. I hope it helps.

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