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Our buddy Cudaman is going under the knife tomorrow

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Everyone's buddy the "Cudaman" goes under the knife for some elective surgery tomorrow. Nothing major, he just wants to sleep better at night so they are gonna open up his airways and make him breath like a supercharged V10. Surgery is surgery though so if everyone can have a good thought for him tomorrow I am sure it will get him back on his feet or at least back in his Viper sooner then later. Go Ward Go.
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Good luck!

P.S. Can I have your Tylenol 3 with codeine?
Good luck Man, hehe Vic ES is good shit as well
Good luck Ward! I am guessing you are probably going through something similar to what I did a few years ago (deviated septum), so if you need any post-surgery advice, drop me a note. No fun right away, but a big difference down the road!
Get sick voluntarily tomorrow, then get well soon, Ward!
Prayers and well wishes to ya' Cudaman.

Heck, I could have ported you out for a lot less than the doc will want. :lol2:
Good luck Ward!
Good luck W,

I'm looking forward to more desktop shots at the Quarter Mile!


Jay K.
I am not looking forward to the surgery, but I am looking forward to the results. The surgery will involve my tongue, throat and nose. I am off to the hospital in 1 hour and surgery will happen at 11:30. The doctor has informed that 2 weeks after surgery I will be back to normal....infact better and sleeping like a baby.

The doctor has also informed me that I will be on some serious pain medicine if in the next couple of weeks if I make a post and it doesn't make much sense...... It is the pain medicine talking.

Thank you for the well wishing and it is greatly appreciated.

Good luck Ward.

Make sure you start posting as soon as possible.

I love to read drug-induced incoherent posts by someone other than myself or Fooley.
Cudaman said:
I will be back to normal
Hmmmm....normal for who ??


Good luck Ward.
Best of luck!
Good luck Ward!
I suppose the Festival of Speed show this weekend is out huh? Get well soon Ward.
Good luck, Ward! Nights will be quieter without your snoring, so now I'll be able to finally get some sleep, too! (Sound does travel - all the way to Ohio!) I had a similar operation for deviated septum done quite a few years ago and I mostly stopped snoring and I could breathe through my nose again.
good luck and speedy recovery
Best of luck Ward! :thumb:
Best of luck Wardo! :thumb:
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