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As always, Bill is correct: I had my 2002 Denali get hit pretty hard about a year ago. My insurance said they would not pay a "diminished value" claim. I then went to two GMC dealers and asked them what my truck was worth with $14,000 in damages fixed vs. totally clean. One estimated it was worth $8000 less and the other $7000. Two more phone calls and I had a check for $7,500 in hand from my insurance provider. Both the idiot in the other car and I had the same insurance provider, which makes it a LOT tougher.

The bad news is that I am now upside-down (for now) on my Denali loan because of the damage (worth less than what I owe and nah, I didn't pay down my 0% note with the moola). The good news is that they did a fantastic job with the repairs (no frame damage) and all is well. Oh, and on that note: Frame damage will help you get a total if that is what you are looking for. Ask your insurance person if there is anybody that they deal with when selling salvage cars. Those people will help you try to total it with the insurance so that they can buy it and resell it once it is repaired. I was THIS close! ;)
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