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Bill Pemberton said:

Many Insurance Companies now have provisions stating that they will not be held liable for any loss of residual value due to accident,hail damage, etc., but this has just recently started. Check with your agent , as your company may not have changed it's policy provisions and you may have some clout. I don't want to get your hopes up, but it is worth a check. In all likely hood the value of the truck will drop, but your state will not view it as salvage. Cover your behind by disclosing at the time of sale, and unlike a Viper the hit won't be anywhere near as severe. With your disclosure to the Dealer, it is now their responsibility to the next purchaser to relay the information. Most dealers will do this, as you will
receive less on trade, and they will sell it based on someone looking for a deal ( price ). Good luck and feel free to call me if I can give you any advice on how to handle the situation.

Bill P
Bill, You're really trying to get to the 75 posts needed for the give a way aren't ya? Good to see ya on here!
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