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I want to thank everyone who came out. We had a blast. Definately could of used some sunscreen :nod: and bee spray :pissed:.

John of CCW who twisted my arm to get the drag setup instead of just going with drag radials. Im glad I listened to him. I launched at 4000-5000rpm and it just goes.
My car ran flawless ALL day long. I ran an 11.53 with basically a stock 97 GTS (k&n & smoothtubes). I can't wait to do some mods... headers/exhaust.

It was very cool to have the track to yourself to run all you want and take your time. The cars were all impressive. I could not believe my friend with a regular 2-valve Mustang GT and a 75 shot went 12.23. That was amazing.
The 03 Cobra squeeked out an 11.7? on his second to last run.
The Roe supercharger on the Viper was very cool.

I will rent the track again in January if anyone is interested. Just email me and I will touch base when it gets closer.

I will also post video clips in the next few days.

Thanks again,
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