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Optimum spot in exhaust for the H-pipe ??

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Where would the optimum spot in exhaust be for the H-pipe ??

Would it be where the reinforcment strap is on the pipes on the right where the 2 sides angle inward together ??
How about on the wider portion, where they're parallel to eachother ?? How about where they're parallel at the narrow portion of the pipes ??

There must be an optimum spot for it, and before I get mine welded in, It would be nice to have some input from you guys.
Thanks !!!

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Everyone I have spoken with (ROE, JonB, and exhaust people) say the closer to the front the better.

When I took my car in to have pipes run the guy insisted on doing an "X" pipe. He said it was a cleaner weld and the "x" pipe was his preference. So that is what I have.
JH23JOB said:
do you have a picture of your X-pipe ??
Sorry, I don't and I am away from my car right now. I can tell you he created the "x" right around the first support(the one closest to the front). It took him 2 attempts, but he did a great job.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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