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Ok, so some rather interesting events have unfolded today. In this wake, i've decided it's time for me to hang up the gloves so to speak.

I tried to talk to people, I even made up an appology (something I NEVER DO).. but some feel I should continue to take it up the ass for something so fucking trivial. But hey, if they aren't satisfied, then there is nothing else I can do here.

I had considered playing the part of nero... killing the .com and watching it burn. However, this will only hurt the people who have put time into the site, and those who actually want to hang out here without alterior motives. So, i'm going to turn the site over to my entrusted few, and hope that they do a good job. And for those who are still playing the cloak and dagger games... like I said before, what goes around comes around.

We've had some good times over the year(s), and I hope everyone stays healthy and happy!


...oh yeah.....spelling mistakes... oh well hehe
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