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Dates are April 16-17
Location Beechbend park

Hotel Inforamtion
I am working with the same Hotel as last year as well as a couple others for the following requirements:
2. Best Rates and Location

I am renting the entire Go-cart Facility for Just VIPER PEOPLE! Registered at the event. Racers and Spectators. Must attend the event to participate. (This will be considered the Road racing for the event /images/graemlins/smiles)

To secure the best rates and security it is best that people honor the Host Hotel. This helps for the following year by when we return if we use the number of Rooms we request and in return they will take good care of us.

We have the Track for 2 Full days with Viper Only Racing! The street Tire shhot-out will be ran on Friday as well as the Tow Truck Challenge. We will run this event early so people will have extra track time to Test n Tune for the Main event on Saturday.

Many people post things concerning the events and sometimes they get information confused. If it does not come from me it is not official!

Class structure will be the same as FLorida and will remain in effect for the rest of the year.

Street tire shoot-out - OWNER MUST DRIVE THE CAR!

Yes 1Tony1, Tom Welch, PaulS WE will continue to run the Pro Tree!

if any questions please let me know i will have full schedule and hotel confirmations by the end of next week.

See you there!

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same hotel, good it had a kick ass indoor pool /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif whats the hotel name and number

im looking forward to two good days of hard and serious racing and im looking forward to whuppin on a few people (ill withhold names for now)

im also looking forward to my first participation in the carts, too many getting carried away in the carts so i figured its time to step in and put the hurt on a few /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif
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