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Class Breakdowns V-10 Nationals Texas Style

9.40 - Faster Unlimited Pro / No Restrictions (Must be A Viper with a V-10)

9.40 - 9.99 (6 – Speed Only) Unlimited

10.00 - 10.49 Super Pro Street

10.50 – 10.99 Pro Street

11.00 – 11.99 Modified

12.00 - 14.00 Street

All Motor Class (No Minimum ET NO POWER ADDERS!)

Street Tire Shoot-Out (This will be run on Friday Night) No power limitations must run Pilots. No Drag Radials (Owner Must Drive the car in this event)

Awards Will Be given for the top 3 Finishers of each class

Personal Awards:

Fastest E.T

Best Reaction Time

Best 60 ft Time

Highest MPH

Fastest Blower Car

Fastest Roe Blower Car

Fastest NOS car

Fastest Gen 1 Stock (Slight Bolt on permitted)

Fastest Gen 2 Stock (Slight Bolt on permitted)

Fastest SRT 10 (Slight Bolt on Permitted)

Dyno Day – Saturday

Awards for Top finishers of each Mod level.

Forced Induction

All Motor


Bolt - Ons


SRT 10

Rules on Class Structure

You have a 2/10th Grace Time for the First round. If you break-out of your class ET you will be Moved to the next fastest class. Second Round You have a 1/10th Grace. If you Break-out you will be moved to the next fastest class. 3rd round, No Grace You will be eliminated.

Please Understand that these rules are based on a honor structure. No Sandbagging! There will be a rules committee of not less than 3 people that will make final decisions of Rules Violations.

We want everyone to race and Have fun and have a chance to win. Your support of this class structure is appreciated. We realize that someone might have a dream pass and break out. The rules committee will rule on each occurance.

We reserve the right to change or modify this format

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No problem anthony

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Gen Is? Does it really matter? We'll be racing on indexes, not GenI vs GenI, etc. A gen I with headers should be able to run in the low 12s. If no other genIs show up, Hey, you'll have bragging rights about the fastest GenI in the Nationals!
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