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Offficial Polyurethane bushing group buy!

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So it is final! The polyurethane control arm and shock bushing kits are ready to start taking orders! My very first call looking for parts for my car was for polyurethane bushings over 2.5 years ago. Nobody made them. I have finally gotten so sick of the wet sponge feel of my cars handling, I have decided to make them! This first group buy is for 1996-2002 GTS and RT/10
For those not familiar with Polyurethane bushings, there is alot of advantages. Polyurethane is chemical resistant, will not break down like rubber, alot firmer than rubber, and in the case of the Viper, you no longer need to buy a full control arm or shock to replace worn bushings!
The stock rubber bushings allow for alignment change and control arm movement when subjected to cornering, braking, and acceleration forces. On cars with skinnier tires, this change is less noticeable. But, the viper being able to create greater forces than most cars, and larger tires then most cars, this alignment changing relates to a car that feels loose or unpredictable when being pushed near the limit. With the poly you get far more predictable handling, and far longer bushing life.
Not only is there the obvious performance gains to the poly bushings, but it can be looked at as a maintenance part also for the Viper. Upon pulling my car apart (97 GTS) i noticed the stock rubber bushings were in far worse shape than originally thought. Every bushing on the entire car was cracked, some even with chunks missing. Even not all of the stock bushings are available without the purchase of a whole new control arm, or new shock. My shock bushings were approx. 1/8" offcenter with no weight on them out of the car. With weight on them, and figuring in where they bolt onto the control arm, this could equate to about 3/4" or more in dropped ride height, and the first 3/4" of rebound being nothing but bushing play! The bushings are not dampened by the shock, so it can induce a slight amount of bounce. Not good for handling!
So in this initial group buy you will recieve all control arm bushings, all shock bushings, related hardware, and an alignment lock kit that is installed once your alignment is set. These are all parts made in short runs specifically for the Viper. All hand made in the U.S.A.!!
I understand some of you already have aftermarket shocks that have uniball or some type of solid mount already. In that case just let me know and i can subtract the price of the shock kit.
Instructions will come with each kit. Some of the stock bushing outer cases are kept, and some inner cases are kept. This is all outlined in the instructions. Polyurethane bushings must be greased, so we include grease taylored to this. A special oil has also been added to all of the bushings to help eliminate sqeeking.

Group buy price is $640 shipped anywhere in the U.S. I will be holding that group buy price for an entire month!! After March 15th, price will go to $700 shipped. They will ship via usps priority. Paypal is preferred method of payment. I have over 330+ positive feedback on Ebay with a 100% score, and about 500 total paypal transactions.
My cell phone # is 503-504-1037 (Scott) and can be reached at that number to help with install questions or tips. The website will be up very shortly and am reviving the name SVRTech (the name of my parts business i had before my day job got too busy!). A quick search and you will find many videos posted by customers about prior products on the 350Z/G35 chassis. As far as i know, I still have the highest bolt on power record for exhaust designs.

Now the pics!!

Full kit you will receive with group buy price

Control arm only kit

Shock only kit

installed upper front control arm

Pic of how bushing goes together for all lower control arms with s.s. washer thrust surfaces.

All alignment lock shims are 304 stainless. All lower control arm bolts are fine thread grade 8 bolts with grade 8 nylock nuts. All thrust washers are also stainless. All center bushing material is drawn over mandrel steel.

This first group by is for all 1996-2002 GTS and RT/10. Gen 3-4 is right around the corner with gen 1 right after that.

Pm me or post questions here!
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Does DSE have Delrin bushings for more than just the sway bars? Those are the only ones listed on the website.
yes he does, they are listed on the website.
Oops, I wasn't specific enough. I meant for the Gen 2's. I'll give him a call.
I've become a fan of the Nolothane, the durometer isn't quite as hard as energy, but the the insert and thrust Washers are alot better than energy just copying the oe hardware(but energy caps are extremely brittle) and the inside is knurled to hold grease. I've installed in 2 customers arms, and my own. Also came up with lower rear shock mount bushings using one of their products with a couple modifications.
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121 - 123 of 123 Posts