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whats up guys,

ok with all the feedback i received from everyone the Sunday Captree car show is where we gonna head to Sunday. Jeff (Black/Silver GTS), Ben (Blue/White GTS) and Jeff (Blk/Silver DLM GTS) i suggest you meet us there since you guys live 5 mins away from Captree.

For everyone else we are gonna meet 1 mile south of the LIE Long Island Expwy (495) off Exit 51 at the CARVEL ICE CREAM parking lot by 9:30AM and 10AM would be the deadline and when we leave for Captree to meet everyone else.

For the guys that are coming over the Whitestone Bridge from CT (Greg red SRT10 and Jon Wht RT/10) and Westchester i can meet you right over the Bridge at 9AM and we will head to exit 51. There is also a ferry boat from Bridgeport CT into Port Jefferson if you dont want to do the drive. I suggest to bring a car cover to avoid salt water mist while on ferry boat. Here is the link to the ferry boat

I also got info that there is some NJ and PA vipers meeting us. Take Lincoln Tunnel into the midtown tunnel. Basically west side drive to the east side. Midtown tunnel entrance is located on 34th street and 2nd Avenue. Once you get out of the Lincoln take 34th St this way you avoid loads of pot holes and street is pretty smooth. Bare right once you get out of the Lincoln tunnel and this will get you there on 34th St. I'll hook up with those guys over the midtown tunnel in Queens at 8:30AM.

Let me know if there is any confusion

send me an email to comfirm that you are coming or post to Viper Alley thread so this way there is no waiting for anyone thats not showing up in the first place. I know Scott, Tim and Keith are not making it.

Don't forget to keep a look out on Viper Alley thread for updates.

thanks and see you Sunday
cell: 917 923 0625
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