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November's HUGE ViperAlley/Heffner/HMS Performance Giveaway Preannoucement!

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November\'s HUGE ViperAlley/Heffner/HMS Performance Giveaway Preannoucement!

Get ready to give your Viper some serious mods! This is a package any Viper owner would kill to have installed on their car!

For the November giveaway, ViperAlley will be giving away a Heffner's Performance Ported Heads package:

Fully ported & polished intake and exhaust runners, polished combustion chambers, bronze valve guides, stainless steel 2.02" intake and 1.60" exhaust valves, competition multi angle valve job, teflon valve seals, heavy duty valve springs, titanium retainers and optional milled deck surface (requires exchange of your original cylinder heads).

In addition to the generous contribution from our site supporter, Heffners Performance will be donating a set of shaft mounted 1.7 ratio T&D Performance Roller rockers and a Heffners Performance Airbox.

One more addition from John Hennessey: Venom Camshaft Upgrade - Available for Gen 1, 2 & 3 Vipers. Custom cam grinds available for normally aspirated and forced induction Vipers. Mild cam grind will gain a minimum of 20 rw hp and while more agressive grind will add up to 35 rw hp. This is a great addition to any cylinder head upgrade. Retail cost: $800.

Total package price is $5,800!

Contest rules and information will be posted at later date. Spread the word!
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Re: November\'s HUGE ViperAlley/Heffner\'s Performance Giveaway Preannoucemen

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