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November\'s Giveaway: Official Rules and Eligibility

This exciting vendor giveaway from ViperAlley, Heffners and Hennessey Motor Sports is designed to benefit Viper owners. While we have made it so everyone who fits the criteria is eligible, we have make a "kicker" to the contest to benefit Viper owners.


. Members must have been registered before October 1st, 2003
. Only members in good standing are eligible.
. Members with more than 75 posts on November 1st who made at least one post during October will receive 1 chance to win. Multiple posts do not increase your odds of winning.
. [color:"red"]Viper Owners who register their Viper in the Viper Owners Section will receive an addition chance to win (listed owners get two chances to win).[/color] The Owners section is open to current and former Viper owners only; anyone posting pictures or claims of ownership which are not valid will be removed from eligibility in the contest.
. The Heffner heads in the giveaway are offered on an exchange basis and can only be claimed in such a manner.
. There is no cash value to this giveaway. The winner can choose to Auction off the items on the ViperAlley auction site if they choose not to claim the prizes for themselves. Any change to the person claiming the prize must be verified by the Site Administrator.

Odds of winning will be determined by the number of entries for the drawing.

Disclaimer: The winner will be responsible for contacting the vendors and arranging for delivery and/or installation (at an additional cost). The giveaway is sponsored by ViperAlley.Com, but ViperAlley provides no warrenty for the parts. Prior to delivery, the winner agrees to waive ViperAlley from any liability in the use or installation of these parts. Final exchanges or transactions are between the winner and the vendor.

10 names will be drawn on November 1st and posted.
5 on November 2nd.
The winner on November 3rd.

Giveaway Items

ViperAlley will be giving away a Heffner's Performance Ported Heads package:

Fully ported & polished intake and exhaust runners, polished combustion chambers, bronze valve guides, stainless steel 2.02" intake and 1.60" exhaust valves, competition multi angle valve job, teflon valve seals, heavy duty valve springs, titanium retainers and optional milled deck surface (requires exchange of your original cylinder heads).

In addition to the generous contribution from our site supporter, Heffners Performance will be donating a set of shaft mounted 1.7 ratio T&D Performance Roller rockers and a Heffners Performance Airbox.

From John Hennessey: Venom Camshaft Upgrade - Available for Gen 1, 2 & 3 Vipers. Custom cam grinds available for normally aspirated and forced induction Vipers. Mild cam grind will gain a minimum of 20 rw hp and while more agressive grind will add up to 35 rw hp. This is a great addition to any cylinder head upgrade. Retail cost: $800.

Total package price is $5,800.

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Re: November\'s Giveaway: Official Rules and Eligibility

Those are some awesome prizes !! Thanks Jason and John.

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Re: November\'s Giveaway: Official Rules and Eligibility

im in, (i think)

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Re: November\'s Giveaway: Official Rules and Eligibility

75 posts is quite a few, but I can understand that you want to reward those that really use this site. I think I'll make it.
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