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For complete giveaway information click here

Selection was based on the number of eligible users (133) and the number of eligible users with OWNER galleries (57).

There were 23,083 total posts made during October.
The number of members eligable for this drawing is: 190

Pick #1: nohsreg2000
Pick #2: Brad00GTS
Pick #3: venumish
Pick #4: remster [x]
Pick #5: Biggest [x]
Pick #6: King GTS [x]
Pick #7: Nightstalker
Pick #8: SnakeBit10
Pick #9: GregV2KACR
Pick #10: -RUNNR [x]

The [x] indicates the semifinalist was selected by the OWNERS entry and not a post.

Good luck everyone!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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