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Norwalk event Class Finalization............Pauls????

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This event is only a week away, and I for one have not seen what is happening as a finalization of classes. Is there an unlimited class? If so who is coming and what is the payout? Are you still offering the travel perdium Paul?

Please let us know as soon as you can. I will be flying until Wednesday, but may elect to participate should a favorable purse and class structure exist.

In any event, best of luck to all those who are going!! If we do come, I will bring my MOD 2 Trophy from the V-10 Nationals and offer it up as a "title belt" to ANY single power adder Viper who wants a shot at the REAL single power adder title! LOL

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From what I've heard there will not be an unlimited class and no 9 second or twin turbo cars will be allowed in Mod 2. The S/C boys are excited. I think it's bullshit.
As of today I have plans to attend and my unlimited has been modified and is now a mod 2 Viper. The direct port has been pulled for another nitrous system. Test have proved very little loss in et and top speed.
Good Luck to all of us running in MOD 2

How you gonna be allowed to race?? your car has prevously ran 9's, is a tuner vehicle and a stroker. Best of luck to you buddy, you will be pulling the wagon for us banned for being too fast nitrous freaks!

No Unlimited cars have contacted me to form a class.

So, classes are as they have always been. Mod 2 and Bracket. Within the bracket we will form several sub-heads up classes, like street tire, and fastest stock Viper. The later classes will run for the PartsRack tires and the Corsa Exhaust.

With the quality of Mod 2 cars entered we will see some 9 second runs within the "one Power adder" rule. No tuner shop cars are entered, but a couple "tuners" will be driving customer's cars.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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