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NorCal, place to mount/balance 335 tire?

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Can anyone refer a good shop that can do this?
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America's Tire Company
4595 Steven's Creek Blvd
Santa Clara CA 95051
(408) 249-8066
Best place bar none:
Custom Alignment on Wyanotte st (spelling?) in Mountain View. It's off REngstorff close to 101.

Absolutely fantastic service and the job they do is great! They do exotics and custom cars all the time.

Could not be happier with them.

i wish i had exotic car shops and stuff around my area. i have good ole discount tire.....they actually didnt do a bad job, and in fact, i would recommend them.......
Thanks Par, I know all about Custom Alignment, and agree on their great work and service. I was just looking for a place open on Saturday.

But, no compromise is worth it, as I've had some bad experiences. So I just waited, and I'll go by CA some time this week.

i used some shop off el camino real (can't remember which) when i had a flat and wanted a plug mounted on a saturday. After this i got a nasty vibration in the car. Took it to custom alignment they found that the tire was mounted against the rotational direction and the balancing was done incorrectly. CA redid the job and the car runs smoothly up to 160+mph! I am such a convert for the job of CA (even though it is a bit more) that if my viper needs their services and they are unavailable -i wait!

Cheers Mark (i love that hood art you have)!
Custom Alignment is your best option if you can get over there during the week. If you are in a pinch for a Saturday appointment, I've heard really good things about the America's Tire on Brokaw Road across from Fry's Electronics. I've taken both of my Camaros there, but not the Viper so I'd recommend calling regarding the 335 tire.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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