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Today I had to take the last steps and put my cat Noire down. He made it to 18 years old. His kidneys were almost completely gone. He started at 19 lbs when diagnosed and was 10.1 lbs tonight. Anything more done would have been for my benefit not his. He had a wonderful run, loved by everyone who met him. My fiancee loved him because he was just a one of a kind cat. Just no picking him up. He survived swallowing a needle and thread, being mislabeled a girl by the breeder (does that make him transgendered? Sorry I have to find humor somewhere right now), Two moves, three dogs, two sisters with attitudes, and left by his step mom.

He was a puddle of fur who had a kingdom at his feet. His look was regal, his attitude supreme. Yes as the joke goes, he did have servants. He will be met by Viperalley friends he’s never met as well as his step sisters and dog friends from the past. Hell there should be a horse up there waiting as well. We shall meet again, and I will make sure to have the laser pointer with me. Two of them infact.

the photo is of him giving up props for VOA. He was a little viper as a kitten. His name means black needles in reference to his teeth. He would attack the ankle like a dog. I still have two scars he gave me from one memorable attack.


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Sorry man.
RIP Noire.

Sorry for you my friend.
Sorry buddy. Hang in there.
hes handsome and black like my muddah's friends. RIP
I never saw this thread before and sorry for your loss, but thankful for your and especially his gain. Kidney disease is how many domestic cats go. May the transgender cat have fun and bite your ankles later in your next life.
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