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No one ever notices my...

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Cruise Control! Oh, and I don't have the Sparco paddles anymore...I decided they sucked.

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tito said:
getting you a medal. /images/graemlins/laughing.gif

You can get me a gift certificate for 10lb two nitrous re-fills instead! :thumb:
SUN RA KAT said:
Gerald -

How often do you use your cruise control?

I certainly could use some more leg room and I keep thinking about getting a cruise control for mine just to let me stretch my right leg out on highway trips.

And, more importantly, how do you like your cruise control?

Any improvements that it needs but doesn't have?

And who makes it?

Kenny...I put the cruise on the day after I bought my RT...It's actually for a V10 RAM...but worked fine for me...I used it when I drove 14 hours to the Ohio Viper Nats, when I drove to the TOOOFST drag event, and everytime I have driven from Minneapolis to Houston...It only sets between 70 and 140...but that's about perfect...especially set on awsome, never had a lick of trouble with it...I did bump it alot with my knee until I lowered my seat...
jkracer said:
snake Bitten
that looks like the controls to my X box. The two paddle buttons left and right are for 2 mounted 50 cal's right?

the x is in the mail, you should get it by mon. or tues. with the holler-days
Have a great Cali Christmas

jkracer was the Line Lock, but I took them off, and put the Line Lock in the same spot V10 MOJO has his...

Thanks for the T man!!!
Mine is now in the same spot as MOJO's...It's the perfect spot, as soon as you let go, you're right on the shifter ready to stab second...I just used one of the Sparco momentary's out of the paddle I used to have on my steering wheel...You can get a "finger size" one at Radio Shack...

jkracer said:
Snake Bitten
now I can see the entire dash w/ the carbon etc, it looks A#1, trick to the max, one of the better dashes out there.


That is the good doctor's dash (V10 MOJO), in his '99 Silver RT...I think he got it done by Scott down in Tampa...He is a huge poser you know, although, I took that pic at a drag event last year, where his silver bucket walked me like civic on several occasions! /images/graemlins/laughing.gif
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1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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