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nitrous install

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how invasive is a nitrous wet/dry kit install. I'll have to keep my tanks in the trunk (rt10) and was wondering what would need to be done to run the lines, where they would go etc. thanks
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You need to get the lines from the trunk to under the car. Talk to Gerald (Snake Bitten) - I believe he just drilled a hole and put a grommet in. Then just slit the carpet and you're good. It's something that, if installed cleanly, can be removed without it ever being known it was there. Depending how adventurous you are, you could do what I did and run the lines out through the opening in the body where the factory wires for the amplifier go - but that was a GTS, although the RT also must have some method of getting the wires from the amp to the head unit - so there's an opening somewhere in there /images/graemlins/smile.gif
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thanks mike,
did you get that email about that carfax or not?
I didn't get to my office yet to check my email, but if ya sent it I'm sure its there - THANKS my friend!
anything for someone with such a great avatar, anything at all.
I'll post some pics of geralds install tomorrow. It looks really sweet but you'd have to talk to him for the details on how to run the lines etc.

The power of his monster when being bottle fed is (as he put it) CRAZY! He also runs the 3.45's for that extra torque...
i can't wait
Here is a pic of the NOS bottles. Note how the bottles are mounted at an angle, i tought the install was spectacular when done like this.
A close up of the bottles
Here is a pic of the engine. You can't see too well how the NOS lines are done (i don't have a better pic). I know that Snakebitten routed the lines through the transmission tunnel and came out with the lines on the driver side of the engine room.
Attached is a pic of the cockpit(!). Gerald used the A frame pillar to mount extra instruments (sorry for the bad quality of the pic). He also has replaced the ash tray for a set of switches to control the NOS (this is done real well, he went with a factory look by using original dodge switches and a custom mount).
uh, how many ponies are you pushing? Have you dynoed it yet? it's beautiful, I have to do it now.
Great looking setup! :thumb:
So has it been dynoed yet?
Hey, who has the awesome looking graphite silver striped acr next to his car... /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif

We did dyno about 3 weeks ago - I forget what his pulls did with the different shots... If I remember correctly - he wasn't able to do a 150 shot because he didn't have the right nozzles with him at the time... He'll have to post the slip...
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Also notice his VEC1 mounted under the steering column and the line lock button on the wheel...
When i was with him and we had a little "test" run he told me he had a 120 shot. It pulled like crazy i can tell you that. Especially with the 3.45 rear.
My 95 RT-10 , U Gotta get a bottle heater!
He does have bottle heaters - not sure why he doesn't have them on nowadays...
He does have bottle heaters and they are on the bottles. Those black covers over the bottles are the NX warmers. They are actualy the best warmers available, but will suck your battery dry if you are not careful.
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