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It was good to see the usual suspects in BG. As always, Dr. Roof put on another first class event. I must say that Roof was most impressive on race day by being able to calmly and smoothly run the event while racing his car successfully. I think that most any other racer with that many distractions would not have won as much as Roof did.

Congrats to all the winners and record setters there. If we get all of these same cars at Bradenton at the end of this year with some cool air, the times and speeds will be huge!

See you in Kansas in July.

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Your car is impressive!!! I can't wait until you get the car ont he track with premium track conditions and cold air!! I am sure 160MPH trap speeds will be there!

Your Driver John is First class all the way!!! He thinks it has potential for Some really low ETs.
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