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McGuireV10 said:
Some hood gap is normal, but you can adjust the gap yourself. It's easy. There are two screw posts positioned right next to each headlight just behind the front fascia. Tweak them until you get the gap right, then soak 'em down in Loc-Tite. You have to adjust them both -- if you get just one right, it will end up being wrong when you start adjusting the other one. Also, keep an eye on the front of your hood to make sure it doesn't come to rest on the headlights.
Hey BigMac,
Mcguire is correct and the gap doesn't look that bad at all. Also, check your PM's, I am heading up your way soon to catch a MAC flight to Germany, maybe I'll let you be my "wingman" /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif
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