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Newbie alert!!!

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My wife and I are currently in the market for a Viper. Currently interested in either a 95 RT/10 or 97 GTS. Prefer Yellow 95 RT/10 or Red 97 GTS. Looking to spend low to mid 40's. I'm not looking for any specific mods, as a stock Viper will be more than sufficient for what we are interested in. If anybody has any leads on these, I would appreciate hearing about them.

I have a couple of questions that I would like your informed opinions on ( after the newbie bashing, of course ).

From what I gather, any extended warranties that were or could be purchased for a 95 would run out at the end of 04, is that correct? If the purchased car doesn't already have one, who do I buy the extended warranty from, assuming I'm not buying the car from a Dodge dealer? Anybody know of any reputable Viper techs in the Milwaukee area? Also, assuming the head gasket has not been replaced, what does it cost to get this done, assuming no warranty to cover it? Thanks, in advance, for your help....
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Welcome aboard, if you can stand the inital flaming you get, probably find some useful stuff on here. Good luck.
BigDog -

I know of a 97 red GTS w/ 5K miles for sale for $46,500. Let me know if that would work for you.
I have a Silver (I know, not red) 98 GTS if you are interested.

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