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New Viper Classified: 3 Vipers for sale, ACR, GTS, and RT-10

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A new Classified Ad has been posted to the Vipers For Sale section:

Description: Yellow 2001 RT-10, 6,200 miles, $54,999
Silver w/blue stripes 1999 ACR Coupe, 25k miles, $52,995
Black 1999 GTS Coupe, 13,446 miles, $54,995
Call me at 678-232-1953, or e-mail [email protected]

Ad link: click here to view ad
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where is the 99 silver/blue acr located? what mods does the car have?
jasonhaynie said:
Call me at 678-232-1953...

And you are???
Snake Bitten said:
And you are???
Jason Haynie??? :dunno:
678 is a GA extension, but I don't know anything about these cars. Not that I'd need to... but I was at Palmer Dodge today in GA and I say a yellow RT and a Silver w/stripes ACR on the lot. I was there to pick up a new A/C line so I didn't look at the cars...

my money is on this being them.


how far is this dealer from you?

Maybe I should come over and dyno and then go look at the acr. Maybe in a week or 2.

The dealer isn't far at all. I made a few trips up there for parts this week... I think the mileage is like 10 miles.

If you are interested, let me know and I'll go up there and take a look at the ACR for you. Or I can call the GM over there and ask him what the story is with it...

I appreciate that JD. Wouldn't mind making a trip over if the car is worth seeing. Talk to you soon.

I bought my car from Palmer Dodge in GA. They were good people to deal with.
These cars are at Palmer Dodge, where I am a salesman. I have posted in several other threads, and, again, sorry for not answering any questions. I didn't know that the ads were posted here, and subsequently didn't see the questions asked. Sorry for any inconvenience.

I don't think that the Silver ACR has had any mods done, but I can find out if you are still interested.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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