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A new Classified Ad has been posted to the Vipers For Sale section:

Description: For Sale - Excellent condition Red 1997 GTS Viper with 32,160 miles. Dodge Added Plus Extended warranty is good through Jan 05. New Michelin Pilot Sports installed in Aug 03. Car never wrecked. All recalls have been done.

Lights mods include:
> K & N Aircleaner
> APEX Smooth Tubes (have originals)
> McLeod Aluminum flywheel
> Belanger Headers
> Snake-Oyl Catback
> 1998 Radiator Fan
> Roe Racing Dodge Viper Fan Control Kit (with manual switch)
> EBC Green Brakes Pads (have originals)
> Skip-Shift delete kit
> MGW Shift Knob (have original)
> MSD Ignition Wires

Additional pictures and a copy of a dyno run done in 2002 is available on:


Please call 704-224-8663 or e-mail [email protected] if you have any questions...

Ad link: click here to view ad
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