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New Vendor\'s Review section!

As you know one of the features of this site is Product Reviews (click on REVIEWS in the header). The focus has always been on "products", but in light of the debate of the format for the Vendor Feedback forum, I realized that there was a need for a Vendor's Review section for the site as well.

By modifying the ReviewPost code, I've been able to create a "vendor specific" category which will make writing reviews/rating of vendors easier. I also added the ability to rate vendors in three categories - customer service, price and an overall rating.

To add a new Vendor to the list, when in the Reviews section, click on the ADD VENDOR button next to the UPLOAD PRODUCTS button. Here is an example of a Vendor listing:

When uploading Products to be reveiwed, you can selects a Vendor from a drop down list or add a new Vendor on-the-fly.

Vendor Ratings link to product reviews and product reviews link to the vendor ratings. This is a great reference tool as it allows users to quickly see how products rate and then provides a quick link to view how the vendor itself rates (and visa-versa).

Links to these new categories are now available on the Main Index under the forum listing.

Vendors - if you would like to have us change your description; just PM me with any details you would like to have added to your description.

Give it a try and let me know what you think. I hope the added flexibility will make the feature easier to use and a better tool for people doing research. If you have any problems, post them here.

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Re: New Vendor\'s Review section!

I think this is most definately an educated index to a wish list. This feature alone has done more for my education where people have entered feedback than the morgue has in recent days. I don't have to go out of my way to do a site search. Thanks MP
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