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New Updated .wmv file 1/4 Mile in Car Video 10.94 @4500ft Elevation

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Let me explain why I am so happy! Up here in the land of thin air I achieved one of my goal's of reaching the 10's. Maybe you guys don't see anything for me to get happy about but up here that is huge!

My H M S 650R achieved a best [email protected] MPH (536RWHP/555RWTQ Corrected)with about 30-40 runs down the drag strip. Last year we went to hot august nights in reno and I decided that one evening we would go to Sacramento Raceway to see what my car could do @sea level. I have never been to that track nor have I driven my car with that much actual HP. Needless to say that one evening is not alot of time to get used to my extra 80-90HP. I made somewhere between 5-6 runs on kumhos with two 11.2's @126MPH. I couldn't believe that I got .8 of a second my first time out when it was ~95 degrees outside.

The only reason I bring this up is to tell everyone that anything in the 10's at our track is quit an accomplishment. Our density correction factor last night was about 8000-9000ft, it ranges between 7000-1100 ft. The temp was around 93-94 degrees.

I achieved this time on BFG drag radials. All my buddies and I were doing the dance because I passed a great barrier here in Utah that only bikes really pass. Hayabusa's run around 126-128MPH in the quarter and all the others are less MPH. NOtice my MPH is down from my best because it was so hot!

I will say that if I went to sea level I would see at least a .5 off to as much as 1 second off my time. I know that forced induction makes a difference at altitude but not until you are running high boost! I have talked to several drag racers that go to sea level and they have said NA and low boost cars pickup between .5-1 second and that high boost cars (27lbs or more) don't pick up but maybe .1-.2.

Maybe we can get our viper brothers in Denver to chime in and post some of their times with HP numbers. I know they suffer from the same problem as me, thin air! I also think that there are some New Mexico members here that also have a high altitude drag strip.

Sorry for the long post but I am going to post a in car poor video so everyone can see how slow I shift.

I am soooooooooo excited to be in the 10's at high altitude.
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Re: 1/4 Mile in Car Video 10.94 @4500ft Elevation

Well I am going to post a link to my in car video. The video mount was rigged in about 10 minutes so after my burnout the tires stick and the camera goes sideways but you can still see everything.

Sorry for the angled video shot but you can still see me shifting sloooooow. I have got to work on that.

Let me know if it works
Re: 1/4 Mile in Car Video 10.94 @4500ft Elevation

Great times! :thumb:

I can't get the video to show with my media player. I get the sound - but not the video. /images/graemlins/frown.gif
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Re: 1/4 Mile in Car Video 10.94 @4500ft Elevation

Re: 1/4 Mile in Car Video 10.94 @4500ft Elevation

You have to have divx. It plays in realone player with Divx or just Divx.
goto and download the free player and it will work
Re: 1/4 Mile in Car Video 10.94 @4500ft Elevation


I'm a little confused? What mods are performed on your Viper.


P.S. - Nice times...
Re: 1/4 Mile in Car Video 10.94 @4500ft Elevation

Congrats Todd and Larry! Anything in the 10's at your altitude is a true accomplishment for a street car.
Re: 1/4 Mile in Car Video 10.94 @4500ft Elevation

I have got a HMS 650R kit with a Roe SC with 714RWHP/730RWTQ corrected. Heads, cam, blower, etc.
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