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528hemiviper said:
No I am not Sir Hiss in case you all are wondering, just some guy who wanted a motor other than a V-10 worthy enough to be put into a Viper. As soon as I can I will post pics and my dyno sheet. By the way, I dynoed at 803hp/815tq. /images/graemlins/carrot
Sounds like a cool project - lets see it!

The V8 has many advantages - it sets the weight back further, leaves more room forward of the engine, sounds better if built right... but the challenges would be heavier if iron block, big block width for exhaust (worse on a wedge, at least the Hemi's ports drop down), and the height/depth of the Mopar V8's from intake to pan... that'd be the biggest challenge to keep under the hood unless you dry sumped it and ran low profile EFI.

I'd like to do an all aluminum Indy wedge 572 in a GTS one day - 460lb wet and enough room to do state of art twin turbo system - oh yeah baby! :thumb:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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