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You guys asked for them, so here the pics of the New Polished S.S. Exhaust Trim Plates. Please note these include 16 S.S. Button Head Bolts, 32 S.S. washers, and 16 S.S. Loc-Nuts. Also included is the cut-out from the center, which has been lazer cut with the Viper logo, great for the garage wall. This first run yielded 44 pieces, available for $88.00 + $5.00 shipping & handling, for a total of $93.00. I have to cover material, engineering and production costs, this is still a bargain. Will do another run half-way through these, approx. 20 pieces remaining if you guys want more.
These look great, and really dress-up the exhaust opening at the rear of the Vipers. Anyone with any heat related issues, melting, etc. can now cover that up. Yes, it is a little bling, but they give the back of the car a finished look.
PM me if you need more information, otherwise, if you have PayPal, my account is at: [email protected], include shipping information. Also, you can call my company at 800-727-4122, ask for Mike, Chris or Doug, they are ready to ship these today!


1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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