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New Photo Galleries BETA Uploaded!

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I've just upgraded the Photo Galleries software to a pre-release BETA. The main visible change is:

- A new Upload Photos process - you upload your photos first and then add the description/title/keywords/etc after. If you upload videos, you can also upload thumbnails of the video during this process. You can upload up to three photos at a time.

Some not so obvious changes are the whole gallery has been "templated" and the integration with the forums database has been broken out to improve performance.

This is the first commercial installation of the BETA, so if you notice anything out of place, please post them here.

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PJ , how do I attach a pic to my post ?


Under the photo is a line UBB CODE, copy the text entirely in the box next to it into your post.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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