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Craig201MPH why were you watching gay porn ............. never mind I don't want to know!!!!! LOL If that is your thing well.........I'm going to be sick.
Thanks everyone for all the help now I know where it has been I think I will burn it, just kidding.
I was told it has TNT heads and that the 300hp nos was also bought from them. I got a stack of info with it just have not had time to go through it.
I was thinking this way may have been faster (that"s what I get for thinking)
I was going to post pics but I think they are to big in size.
Well thanks again and dare I say anymore help would be great.

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do you know what mods it has? if its allegedly got heads then it should have exhaust. has it been raced? are you racing it? was the nos used? i would know every damn thing i could about a car before buying it.
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