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I'm still putting the finishing touches in place, but I've completed the code for a new Mobile Gallery feature in the Photo Galleries section. This new section allows members who have cell phones with cameras to send images to the Alley and have them automatically uploaded into a special gallery grouped by user.

If you have a cell phone with a camera, set it to send your photo to [email protected] and this new software will handle the upload and processing to place it in your gallery. The gallery itself is grouped by user, so clicking on a users name will take you to their Mobile Gallery.

To get started, visit the link above and enter your mobile email address where prompted. Once registered, any images from your email address will be placed in your gallery. It's that simple! If you send photos and are not configured, you'll have a few days to get your number added - I queue the images for processing.

Going forward, if this is a popular feature, I'll look at improving the user interface to display batches of recent uploads.

As a side note, I've also modified the main index page for the Photo Galleries to include more information about whats in there.

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