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New Brake Product for 92-02 models

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My name is Ken and I'd like to say hello to the Viper community and introduce my company, TPM Products and the RacingBrake rotors we produce.

Our philosophy is simple - to produce the highest quality bolt on brake rotors suitable for track day use. We've seen a lot of supposed performance rotors on the track that are in fact quite the opposite and we are confident that our engineering, materials and design will show through when it counts. We have worked with several teams in other applications (mostly WRX's and STi's) with great success and look forward to serving the Viper community.

We specialize in performance cast iron formulations that increase the strength and thermal capabilities of brake rotors and use other design features to enhance the performance of the product.

For Vipers we have designed our rotors with the following features -
-Curved vane design (our tooling) both front and rear flows more air and provides additional heat sink mass

-Alloyed gray iron has 20-25% greater tensile strength to reduce belling and warping

-Rotors are heat treated to improve grain structure

-High carbon content and uniform microstructure lead to good friction characteristics and wear pattern

-Extremely tight tolerances on runout, plate thickness variation, and balance for reliable, consistent performance

-Ball end mill slotted for gas relief, pad deglazing and pedal response

-Double disc ground friction surfaces for easy pad bedding and break in

-And some bling cause we all need a little - a glossy black EDP finish.

We are very active in the racing community particularily the 'weekend warrior' who is looking for reliable products to enhance his/hers cars performance at reasonable prices. Primarily we contend that you can make a better rotor by improving the grade of iron used and have demonstrated some pretty good success with the teams we have already worked with.

Some information we do like to get is exactly how the Viper reacts to the various brake upgrades that are available. For example - does the car need more front or rear bias - what pads work well on the car - does the car tend to eat brakes (it wouldn't be a size issue thats for sure - we had to make a new box to fit them in) etc.

We also like to educate people about brakes whenever we can. For example "Should I get drilled or slotted or plain rotors?" Drilled rotors on a viper? Not if your racing that's for sure. Racing pads on a street car - not if you live in Michigan and drive in cold weather.

I asked Michael about posting here and I certainly wouldn't consider doing so unless he gave me permission. He said OK as long as it wasn't simply an ad with a phone number so I tried to present the technical data behind our products and we are always looking for end user feedback to improve and learn from.

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I think a front set of OEM rotors is $200, at that price I treat them almost as a consumable, especially with track pad compounds. The Viper has nearly no rear bias so the rear rotors last forever.

Also, how long does that black finish last, 1 stop?

I'm not flaming you, we can always use another rotor source but its highly price/feature dependent I think at this point because we already have various rotor sources from OEM, Eradispeed, StopTech, etc. If you want to be successful you'll need to come out of the gate swinging at the current contenders and explain why you're better.
Sounds good to me. You could roast marshmellows on my rotors after a 30 minute track session. You should give an expected msrp or something at least though. If you need a reseller, you could use Jon B at Partsrack(.com). A lot of us buy stuff from him and having the rotors in the same spot would work well.

Another suggestion would be to send somebody on here a free set (just fronts would be fine) and let them try them at the track and report back. You could also pitch in a set for one of our monthly giveaways.
No need to even go that far. When you reply to this post, hit "Preview Reply" instead of "continue". There is a simple option to attach a file, ie, your picture. Click "browse", select your picture, and then submit.
...if you didn't look at your competition:

set of 4, 2 piece Baer Eradispeeds = $895
set of 4, 1 piece EBC (slotted & dimpled) = $569
set of 2, 1 piece Stoptech (slotted) = $389
Ok, I'm trying to help here. Let's make it easy. StopTech makes some nice packages, and I've even met the guys at the track where they were doing research on pad compounds and rotor wear characteristics. They're helpful with any questions I have, install, etc. Why would I choose your rotors over the StopTechs?

I can appreciate you're just getting going with this, or testing the waters, but you didn't give us much. You didn't post a pic, or a website, or anything. Help us help you.
infantsam said:
And sorry for not giving company info etc up front....most forums don't allow this sort of discussion.....
What we don't tolerate is spam. If people honestly have some new part to sell, this sort of discussion is encouraged. We even have a product review section on this site just for this type of stuff, as well as tuner feedback.

Your website looks fine and the product looks good. The drilled stands out at me though as opposed to casting the holes. For a Viper track disc I'd assume you wouldn't crossdrill them at all.

I'm not going to the track anytime soon that I know of, but I bet Chuck is. You should send him a set of fronts and ask him to try them and post a writeup.
That's good advice on the dak/dur rotors. I think my Durango is about due for new pads/rotors.
I have a PartsRack gift cert for $300, so I'm thinking of trying the stoptech 1 piece rotors on the front cause mine are thrashed. But I've always just paid the $250 or what not for OEMs before. What I really want is an economical two-piece, like Chuck said.
You guys might want to try the Cone brake ducts too. I put them on my car and I noticed quite a bet better recovery time even with the stock oem rotors. By recovery time, I mean after you go into a really hot corner, the brakes feel much better in the next corner. The install is pretty straightforward too and you wouldn't even notice them if you didn't know to look.

I don't boil fluid anymore but I think that's due to technique (I still just use motul), but I can fade pads in one session with no problem (have been using porterfield R4, but I'm not happy with their bite curve). I'm going to switch to either the Brakeman #3 or maybe the PFC 01s I guess.
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