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New board, new avatar...

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What do you think? I had this made right after 9-11. Its off now (took it off on the aniversary) but I think it came out cool. I think I'll keep it as my avatar for a while.

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Hey Mark,

it looks good. Where in SC are you at? I wouldn't mind seeing the decal in person. I'm in Mountain View so i'm not too far from you.
I'm thinking about going down to Apex, just to see the place -after 2 years of viper ownership i still haven't made it to actually go and see them and everyone tells me that they are really nice guys. If you're close by, and if some of the other viperalley folks in the bay are are up for it, we can perhaps arrange a tech session with Apex and see some of their stuff?

Are any of the norcal folks interested in something like that?

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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