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Need Vipers at Turkey Run in Daytona

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Here is a post from VCA I posted a few days ago if anybody is interested in going with us.

I spoke to Rick Finzer who is the chairman of Turkey Run in Daytona,Fl. the other day. He stated that if I could get at least 15 Vipers to come down he would seriously consider letting us in the show.

The problem is in the past there have been so many newer cars getting in with their club(Impala SS, Monte Carlo SS clubs, etc...) that the real cars had no room to get in. He said the only club allowed in this year with cars made since 1980 are the Prowlers. The Prowler guys argued the fact that their cars look like the old hot rods and the fact that the Prowler is no longer being made to get in.

I am inviting you guys to get together and let's get our cars in the show. If you have never gone down there for Turkey Run it is considered by most to be the Bike Week for cars. The whole infield of the Daytona 500 Speedway is full of over 5,600 (muscle,classics,hot rods,cruiser) cars, vendors, swap meet, car corral,etc... There is all the cruising you could ask for especially on 1st. street at night. This is the 30th year for this event. It is a HUGE event for car lovers.

I have been going to this event for the past 7 years with my classic cars and really had a good time. I have never seen a group of Vipers down there and it would be sweet if we could show off our cars from the area. People travel from Canada,California,Europe, put their cars in this show.

The registration fee is $35 a car and a $2 fee per car to come as a club and park together with our own sign on the infield. The dates this year are Nov. 27,28,29,&30. I have already made plans to attend this year but would really like it if we had a group of us go and got to park on the infield. I made my reservations at the Adam's Mark Hotel(1-800-444-2326 or 1-386-254-8200) on the beach next to the boardwalk and a block away from Main St. for Friday and Saturday night. I plan on going down Friday and coming back Sunday afternoon. They still have rooms available for $115(2 queens streetview) or $135(2 doubles oceanview). I chose the $115 for the bigger beds and to watch the cars cruise on the street.

Call and book your rooms then we can all register as a group to get in the show. The deadline to get in as a club is October 15th. Visit for more info. and to find local hotels.

Rick said we could attend all 4 days,3 days, or 2 days.

Post here or email me [email protected] if you are intersted in going or if you booked a room so I can keep a count. So far I have approximately 10 Vipers from the North & Central Florida area committed to going. The more Vipers we get in the more impressive it will be.

Mike Perry
'02 GTS Drk. Graphite/Silver Stripes,Roe s/c,70mm t.b.,& B&B headers coming,Vec 1,HRE 547,Fidanza flywheel,Centerforce clutch,adj. susp.,Eradispeed rotors,B&B cat back,RT high flows,MGW shifter
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*******We have been accepted for Turkey Run*************

Ok guys, I talked to Rick tonight. He gave the final Ok for us to come down. All we have to do now is individually pre-register by going to and list that we have a Viper on the registration form and Rick will know to put us all together.The fee is $35 plus a $2 club fee so we can all park together. Please register A.S.A.P. so we are gauranteed our spot. The $2 club fee has to be paid in one seperate check. I will pay for 20 spaces now to reserve our spot so don't include the $2 fee. Only pay the $35. If we need more then 20, hopefully we can send another check at a later date.

Please post here or email me when you are registered. Thanks guys.

Mike Perry
'02 GTS Drk. Graphite/Silver Stripes,Roe s/c,70mm t.b.,& B&B headers coming,Vec 1,HRE 547,Fidanza flywheel,Centerforce clutch,adj. susp.,Eradispeed rotors,B&B cat back,RT high flows,MGW shifter
Another post to bring this forum up to today's date.

Ok guys here is the latest scoop. According to Rick there are only two Vipers registered so far. Please register ASAP. $35.00

I have spoken to the person responsible for club parking at Turkey Run. They are tentatively planning on putting us just east of the tunnel in the grass next to the Prowlers. It is were the Mustangs used to park. It was going to be there or on the back stretch out of the loop. Not bad for last minute planning.

I will be getting another call tonight with more details from them and will post then. to register.

I don't know what to think about that group of organizers, they were TOTAL assholes to me last year about my Viper. They weren't even nice about telling me my Viper wasn't welcome, that show can kiss my ass.
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