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SuprSlow said:
Torquemonster said:
4WD SUV's started life as farm work horses

now every man and his dog thinks they are a "practical means of transport"


they're big, they hog gas, they drive like crap compared to any decent car, they are SLOW, and have nothing going for them other than it is somehow uncool now to have a car that runs better - unless it's a very flash expensive car...

what is it with guys and SUV's? is it anything like what is it with girls and horses?


please explain how you define college and practical i the same phrase re an SUV? Do you live 20 miles up a dirt road?
I would like a SUV because I live in farm country and go on gravel all the time. We also get snow all winter and I will be driving in it all summer. Lastly, I live near 4000 acres of huge sand dunes and an orv park and about three times a year it fills up with about 20,000 partiers. I want to be able to cruise about and look at the titties there as well.

Fine! Fuck Ya,,,,, buy a Hummer :rofl:
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